Starkim Laundry Spare Parts & Laundry Chemicals

Our company established in 2014, Starkim Industrial is the among the leading companies in the supply of parts and chemicals for the textile washing industry in Benelux countries with its successful past.

Our Corporate Identity

As Starkim Industrial shares its knowledge and experience gained in Benelux countries with you, our valued customers, and rightfully increases its market share day by day. While importing DOW-PER solvent used in the dry cleaning industry and making it available to the operators of our country, it is the Turkish representative of German Technische Textilien Lörrach GmbH and Italian Vitesse Srl companies in laundry felts.

As Ironer Belts, our aim is:

Wide and alternative product options.

Consistent and high quality products.

Competitive prices.

Our company, which tries to offer you its products in the most suitable price range, was established by the gathering of experts in the textile washing sector in Europe and Turkey and aimed to provide fast and reliable service to our valued customers.


Starkim Industrial was established for the supply of spare parts for industrial type washing, drying, ironing, folding and tunnel machines under different brands in the laundry sector in hotels, hospitals, military and private institutions in Turkey, and to supply chemicals for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning sector.